Teaser-Trailer and first ingame screenshots

The axes are sharpened, the beards have been waxed, and the beer has been drunk. Gamescom is nearing and we’re proud to present you with the first scenes from “The Dwarves”!

In the teaser trailer you get a first impression of the dynamic battles. The enemies of the dwarves have a flocking behavior and react physically correct: If a dwarf lands a mighty blow with a heavy war hammer, struck orcs are thrown back, and some of them might even be pushed into an abyss!

Outside of the battles you travel across the game world on a very detailed world map and in atmospheric levels, that are shown from an isometric perspective, just like in games like „Divinity: Original Sins“ or „Pillars of Eternity“.

If you want to have a look for yourself, you can do so at Gamescom. We’re presenting the game Thursday to Sunday at 11am at the EuroVideo/Nordic Games booth (booth A60, hall 10.1).

On Thursday the author of the Dwarves novel series, Markus Heitz, will be attending too!

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