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Make your own Critter cakes!

When we released The Book of Unwritten Tales 2, our project lead Britta made some custom Critter cakes. Now she is sharing her secret recipe with you!

Ingredients (for 6 Critters)

  • 6 ice cream cones
  • 6 american style cookies
  • 300g pink candy melts *
  • pink food coloring
  • 300g grated coconut
  • marzipan or fondant
  • green candy decorating Pen
  • 400g chocolate sponge cake or stirred cake
  • 150g cream cheese

* If you can’t find pink candy melt, just use white candy melt and apply pink food coloring


  1. Carefully cut the top of the ice cream cones. Put the candy melts into a pot and carefully heat them up. Stir well until everything has melted.
  2. Put the cream cheese and the chocolate sponge cake into a bowl and mix everything. Insert the filling into the ice cream cones and place them on a plate afterwards. Let them rest a bit and make sure that you have some leftovers from the filling.
  3. Cut the cookies in half and use leftovers from the filling to glue two cookie pieces onto each ice cream cone.
  4. Put the grated coconut into a bowl and mix it with pink food coloring. Afterwards cover each cone with the melted candy melts and sprinkle them with the grated coconut.
  5. Form small eyeballs with the marzipan and draw pupils on them using the candy decorating pen. Use leftovers from the filling to draw Critter’s mouth and glue the eyeballs onto the ice cream cones.


 This helpful image will guide you through each step.

And that’s everything there is to it! Happy baking! And make sure to share some photos of your Critter cakes with us!

  1. SBOBET, Apr 24th 2015, 02:57 am

    Thank for sharing.
    Looks really yummy

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