BOUT2 Almanac Edition

Release Date! Boxes! Early Access Update!

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Release Date

Hey there!
We wish all of you a happy and healthy 2015!

We have been busy in late 2014 and early 2015, and the game now contains all that we wanted to put in. We will devote the next few weeks to fixing bugs and polishing the game. And then the day will be there!

BoUT 2 will be released in one month, on February 20th 2015!



Beside the digital versions there will be boxed versions of BoUT 2 in many countries. And since we like nice boxes, we’ve created a fancy special edition: our Almanac Edition.


BOUT2 Almanac Edition


The KICKSTARTER EDITION not only contains everything from the Almanac Edition, it also contains a mouse pad, an additional (bigger) art book, and an even bigger and higher-quality box (with an exclusive cover artwork that has been specially made for the Kickstarter Edition).

ATTENTION! On we contacted all backers whose pledge level contains a Kickstarter Edition (= all physical rewards of $90 or higher) twice already (the last time last Friday) and asked them to give us their shipping address. About 70 of you haven’t answered yet. Please check your emails and spam folder once again!

If you didn’t receive that email, please contact support@kingart-games.com

We’ll send another email to those who still haven’t contacted us by next Wednesday. Please answer as soon as possible. The later we receive your address, the higher the chance of you not receiving the box till the release of the game!


Steam Early Access Update

Today we released an update for the Early Access version. As always, you should receive it automatically.

Since the beginning of the Early Access about 3,500 bugs have been fixed or features implemented by us. Since the last update a few hundred fixed things have been added, so it’s about time to have another update. 😉

Among loads of small improvements we’ve fixed two large bugs:

  • The problem of occasionally not being able to do anything in the game and having to restart/reload has been located and fixed!
  • A problem in chapter 4, that enabled characters in a location to walk through walls, has also been solved.

You can find a more detailed change-log here:


Shout Out

If you like role playing games and unusual settings, and want to play one of the best RPG stories of the last years, you should take a look at „Shadowrun: Dragonfall“. And if you want to support the sequel, take a look at this:


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